Rowan Williams and John Humphrys in search of God

This morning, Radio 4 broadcast one of the most outstanding pieces on Christianity that I have ever heard. John Humphrys, known in the UK as one of most respected (and feared) interviewers around, is running a series where he speaks with a set of religious leaders from Judaism, Islam and Christianity about why they believe. […]

The Monastery – Tony says it all…

Well done to Dave Walker for transcribing the most poignant thing said in tonight’s catch-up episode following the Monastery – last year’s excellent reality series in which a group of men spent 40 days in Worth (Benedictine) Abbey. Tony, whose life was significantly altered by the stay, commenting on his struggle to join a church […]

Blah: Ryan Bolger and Karen Ward are coming to Bristol

Readers of Jonny Baker’s blog will be aware of the forthcoming Blah tour, bringing Ryan Bolger (author of Emerging Churches, the definitive book on the Emerging Church) and Karen Ward (Abbess of Church of the Apostles, Seattle) to the UK. Well, we’ve just fixed up the Bristol venue and date. 14th July 2006, 10am to […]