Counterintuitive desert wisdom

We have put aside the easy burden, which is self-accusation, and weighed ourselves down with the heavy one, self-justification. (John the Dwalf) Self-justification is a heavy burden, because there is no end to carrying it; there will always be some new situation where we need to establish our position, dig the trench for the ego […]

On having the armed forces

There’s an interesting, if badly-spelt, debate going on on the BBC Have Your Say website. This follows a recent news report of how personnel from RAF Wittering have been ordered not to wear uniform in the local town of Peterborough, following incidents of servicemen and women being insulted because of anti-war sentiment. The debate includes […]

Ascension Day

Today has been Ascension Day. Most of the talks I’ve heard on the ascension fall into two broad categories: conservative ones, where the ascension of Jesus is described in rather scary triumphalistic terms, with the implication that this authority will somehow guarantee a hearing and effectiveness when the context would suggest otherwise. This approach tends […]