Mainline churches: the real reason for decline

The underlying problem of the mainline churches … is the weakening of the spiritual conviction required to generate the enthusiasm and energy needed to sustain a vigorous communal life. Somehow, in the course of the past century, these churches lost the will or the ability to teach the Christian faith and what it requires to […]

Life for the next few months

This is the second post by way of an update. I’m currently blogging from Sacramento Youth Hostel, which is located in a lovely Victorian wooden mansion within the city – with distinctly non-Victorian high-speed wireless internet. I’m travelling around California with Sharon and the children on a grand 3-week tour of the state. We started […]

After damp

I took a week off after Christmas and spent it largely on visiting family, walking and genealogy. I’m a bit of a haphazard genealogist – not really a committed one – I have only once ventured into the realm of microfilm, for example. My family tree is half-English and half-Welsh: although being born and raised […]

Emerging Church Postcards 2007

Emerging Church blogger Steve Taylor has run a visual representation of the Emerging Church each year since 2005. He’s doing the same again this year. He’s inviting Emerging Church communities to submit photographs and a mini-report on their activities of 2007, which will provide a useful snapshot of how things are looking world-wide. Well done […]

“An emerging profession”: so when is an emerging “community” really a church?

Jonny has recently posted on the subject called “an emerging profession” on leadership in emerging communities, drawing from his experiences in Grace, Ealing. It’s an important post, and all that I want to say is in response to it, so before reading the rest of this, go read it first… The Church of England is […]