The Ontological Argument

A few weeks ago, BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time did an excellent review of The Ontological Argument for the existence of God. It is available on iPlayer here and is well worth a listen.

On a sillier note, some of the Ontological Argument’s weaknesses, as flagged up in the programme, are dealt with by reference to good beer by Jeff Cook in an article on Scot McKnight’s blog here. Enjoy!

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One reply on “The Ontological Argument”

  1. Just started listening to the programme. If the BBC can produce stuff like this, it’s not all bad! It’s a ‘broad church’ – everything from Strictly Come Dancing to the Ontological Argument. It awakens memories of Prof. Heyward-Thomas’s inscrutable lectures at Nottingham Uni for the Dip Th.

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