How come the Pentecostals have all the fun?

We need more of this kind of stuff in the Anglican Church … BOH!

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4 replies on “How come the Pentecostals have all the fun?”

  1. Dats well sik, man. Dats wat I is talking about! Safe, man! BOOYAKKA!! (Praise the Lord!) innit!!
    I thought it was General Synod for a moment.
    Love the bit around 2:13 where one dude is ‘face down’ on his knees, and the fella dancing next to him gets pushed over him by some vicious spirit-filled doris and goes a*se over t*t. Priceless! She was so deliberate about it, surely he should have her up on assault charges! Seriously, Paul, this is beautiful! Great find!

  2. Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing this Paul.

    The weird thing is that the rhythm of the track and the Pentecostal dance (or response to the Spirit, or whatever) were pretty much the same. One can imagine that the preacher’s encouragements to his flock were much in the same spirit as the DJ’s to the ravers.

    People are the same everywhere in the most essential things – how they move, what excites them and how they communicate – across extremely different cultural groups.


  3. If our parish share share to the diocese were reduced I think our congregation might get up and dance!

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