Thoughts at the end of a momentous day

Well, here we are at the end of Day 1 of rebirth of the planned socialist economy. One thought that’s been lurking at the back of my mind for the past week or so is this: since the banking crisis has forced world capitalism to accept its limitations and, in the last resort, to surrender itself into the protective arms of the governments of nation states, I guess that’s about it for an unregulated global world economy, and in many ways, for the dream of globalisation. What, today, does ‘globalisation’ mean? Certainly not what it was widely thought to mean until about a month ago. If so, then we need to do some philosophy – or at least some re-evaluation of some philosophies which, until this all happened, were taken almost as givens.

So what is the intellectual stock value of Francis Fukuyma and Jean Baudrillard tonight? Both, in different ways, argued for ‘the end of history’ as the global economy took over the reins of the world from the hands of state management.

Perhaps today we’ve witnessed a point when history just ‘restarted’.

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2 replies on “Thoughts at the end of a momentous day”

  1. It has seemed darkly comical to me watching debates on this issues from question time to the house of commons or the wright show. That theres allot of hollering about fat cats or rich city bankers execs and traders or the current credit crunch. All that seems to be going on is attempts plug leaks, plaster cracks or treat slight cuts and symptoms and on the whole no-one (i guess appart from many who already where and most of home are on the whole now far too removed from the mainstream to still be heard) wants to diagnose the system or critiqe whole, we want things to keep going much as they are just a little better for me rather than seek greater change and greater good

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