Sacraments: God’s kiss

Baron Von Hügel talked about the effects of kissing his daughter, ‘I kiss my daughter in order to love her, as well as because I love her.’ This is also a remarkable commentary upon the sacraments. Love requires physical expression. But does a kiss create love? Not exactly, but it is expected that kisses will […]

New York

Silence on the blog was largely caused by a trip to New York and to Yale a week ago. It was my first trip there and was for fun. The theology took place in Yale where I was presenting at the Liturgy and Migration conference run by the Institute of Sacred Music and Liturgy. We […]

When religion would have maddened men…

In truth, this vividly illuminates the provincial stupidity of those who object to what they call “creeds and dogmas.” It was precisely the creed and dogma that saved the sanity of the world. These people generally propose an alternative religion of intuition and feeling. If, in the really Dark Ages, there had been a religion […]

Constantine misunderstood?

Paul Fromont (again!) usefully highlights a new book, which respectfully takes issue with John Howard Yoder’s reading of Constantine. This looks as though it is a critical contribution to the concept of “post-Christendom” and “post-Constantinianism” in current mission thinking for western churches. The book is Peter Leithart, Defending Constantine: The Twilight of an Empire and […]