Christine Sine is blogging about gardens

Back in the 1990s, in the early days of the Third Sunday Service, we did a service on the theme of gardens. Obviously there are gardens in the Bible, but what’s perhaps of more interest is the relationship between the gardener and the creation. Gardening is an activity of working with, and against, nature. Gardens […]

Bristol-Bath Cyclepath: relief and hope, or false dawn?

The BBC is reporting a change of heart by the councillor who was pushing the idea of converting the wonderful, first-of-its-kind Bristol-to-Bath Cyclepath to dual-use as a bus lane. You can get the story here. If they’re right, the idea is dead in the water, with a face-saving climb-down for Councillor Mark Bradshaw after seeing […]

Instructables – my favourite geek site to date…

Today I hit upon an astonishing example of a web collaboration site: Instructables.  It’s founded on the simple fact that many people out there are home-engineering solutions to problems using parts and tools that can be found in the average home shed.  It’s the ultimate site for shed-man types (and I include myself) who would […]

Recycling in Bristol isn’t working

OK – here’s the rant about recycling which I threatened earlier. Tracey has already described her woes. For us, E-day happens on 8 August, but we’ve known it’s been coming for some months now. From that day, routine garbage collection moves from a weekly to a fortnightly basis. The present situation is already a shambles, […]