America and Britain: some comments arising from Phyllis Tickle on an 18-month window

Phyllis Tickle has written an intriguing post on the Emergent Village Blog.  Here’s a sample: Within the next eighteen to twenty-four months, denominations and established communions and the Christians who constitute them will decide, consciously or simply by default, whether “church” is first and foremost an experience of communal bonding, spiritual and religious expression, growth […]

Obama and the religious factor in American politics

It would be entirely wrong to assume that Barak Obama’s victory in the American presidential race indicated a decline in the religious factor in American politics. The Democratic party have had to learn, again and again, that to ignore the strongly religious component in their country’s culture is to court electoral defeat. The practical problem […]

The Great Emergence – with the greatest respect, I demur

Perhaps the most well-announced book to be published this year in the American Christian book market, especially in Emerging circles, is The Great Emergence, by Phyllis Tickle. It’s published by the Emergent Village imprint of Baker Books, so comes as the latest in a highly marketable succession of titles. I managed to pick up a […]

Bishop of Rochester appears to turn his critical gaze on Emerging churches

The Bishop of Rochester, who these days is turning out to be one of the more reliable critics of everything that might be trendy, GAFCON-attender and no-show-er at Lambeth, was invited to to give the talk at the Annual General Meeting of the Prayer Book Society. (A group of traditionalists, who tend to dislike anything […]