Getting out more: in retrospect

So the Crosscountry train in which I’m sitting is flying along the tracks, carrying me home. There’s time to gather random thoughts together. Every long distance trip teaches its own lessons, so what were mine? The first is that I was underestimating my level of fitness: the easy first day was probably wise, but, distance-wise, […]

New picture

The new head picture of this blog is Porthtowan Beach in Cornwall. We’ve stayed there on holiday now for the past three years. It’s one of my favourite places on the planet, as earlier posts will show. The sunsets are amazing – easily beating anything I have seen in California (too much fog where the […]

The big wheel

The wheel of change has turned… Next year, Caroline, my youngest, leaves school for university, following the route of departure taken by her brother Jonathan this September. So after twenty years with children in the house, Sharon and I will be living on our own – at least for university terms. We had earmarked this […]

Getting up to date

Sadly, this poor blog has been taking a back seat for the last few months. The principal reason for this is that 4th August was “zero hour”, by which I had to clear my desk/life of anything I would need to do in work and in Bristol before leaving for nearly three months spent in […]