Ghost Ship

It’s not often that I read a theological book of over 200 pages in just over a day. So Ghost Ship: institutional racism in the Church of England, by Azariah France-Williams (London: SCM Press, 2020) must have something very special about it to belong to that select handful of tomes. Like many people, this summer […]

To the new Archbishop, from Michael Sadgrove

Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham, has written a wonderful letter to his diocesan bishop, Justin Welby, on the announcement of his appointment as the next Archbishop of Canterbury. When Donald Coggan was installed as archbishop, his secretary mis-typed ‘enthronement as ‘enthornment’. That gave him food for thought. The role was daunting enough then. How much […]

Cornwall at last! Nearly six weeks gone and no blogging…

Yes, well, I’ve had other things to do, OK? At the moment, I’m doing another Whitsunday holiday in Porthtowan and have internet access via the Blue Bar’s wireless. This must be one of my favourite places in the world. Porthtowan is located nearly at the end of Cornwall, as the ‘leg’ of the UK sticks […]

The Postmodern: boring the people of Britain since 1999

Do you remember the 1990s? The decade of creative fun in the midst of a sense of Fin de Siecle which gave everything the sense that the clock was on double-speed. It was a decade which became a cultural helter-skelter, where everything was up for ironization. Philosophies of knowledge which traded on their shock-value (ooh! […]

Urbex sites

When I was a kid, just around the corner from our house was a derelict training centre for the Civil Defence (C.D.), formerly known as the A.R.P. The A.R.P. was set up in the 1930s to deal with the impact of bombing raids and other dangers to the civilian population. They continued to exist after […]