Ghost Ship

It’s not often that I read a theological book of over 200 pages in just over a day. So Ghost Ship: institutional racism in the Church of England, by Azariah France-Williams (London: SCM Press, 2020) must have something very special about it to belong to that select handful of tomes. Like many people, this summer […]

Getting out more: in retrospect

So the Crosscountry train in which I’m sitting is flying along the tracks, carrying me home. There’s time to gather random thoughts together. Every long distance trip teaches its own lessons, so what were mine? The first is that I was underestimating my level of fitness: the easy first day was probably wise, but, distance-wise, […]

Getting out more: Day 1

First, some basic thoughts about my approach to such bike rides. Some of these remarks are more for the benefit of non-cycletourers, but they also touch on matters of debate amongst cyclists. On a long distance bike ride, weight is everything. This includes the weight of the rider, plus that of the bike and, lastly, […]